About Us

Small local family run building company based in Beacon Hill, Surrey.

Professional and Expert Local Shell Only Builders

Beacon Hill Construction are set up to offer a shell only build for your project. This means that we will build your extension from ground up and you (the customer) deal directly with subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, decorators, glaziers, and flooring specialists.

When a project is managed by a main contractor the customer would usually be charged 15% for the main contractor to manage the subcontractors, however the customer still needs to discuss their specific requirements in detail with each trade. So why not obtain separate quotes and save yourself some money?

Our Core Values

Beacon Hill Construction was established in 1978 and has been building in the local area ever since. We are a small family run building company that still take the same pride in our work as we did back in 1978. We only ever run a couple of extensions at any time, which allows us to give our full attention and total focus to each project we manage.

Certified Company

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Save money on your extension by managing your own project! You could save 15% on subcontractors by not paying a main contractors fee!